Some recommended books

Basic training of the young horse

Book by the famous horsewoman Ingrid Klimke, a
mandatory reading book especially if you like young horses, and want to have a good theoretical basis
on how to do things

Riding Connected

Fundamental book which will help you improve your saddle and be
more in sync with your horse.

The riding of Kottas

Book of the well-known horseman of the Vienna school Arthur Kottas.
Very instructive book for lovers of classical horseback riding.

Dressage for all

Book written by famous Spanish rider Víctor Álvarez, has a
first part of the book with theory, and the second part talks about reflections on horseback riding.

Reasoned riding

It is a book focused on riding instructors. But in my opinion it
is a book for all riders, whether you teach or not. Because you will learn why
many of your defects, and how to correct them.

Reiner Klimke

Reiner Klimke tells
how his truck to success went with his famous horse Ahlerich. A very inspiring book and very
enjoyable to read.