Caballos por Rafael Ballester



My Work Philosophy

My work system is methodical and progressive, always keeping in mind the health and emotional well-being of the horse.

Every horse that enters our stable is like a friend.

There are horses that come with problems due to a lack of understanding and connection with their rider; often, not only for technical reasons but because they have not understood the horse’s personality and its way of reacting. Riding well (having balance and giving the correct help) is of course basic; but it is also essential to know and know how to “listen” to the horse.

We cannot treat all horses the same; Each one has its own characteristics, so we adapt the type of diet, and the tasks to be carried out, according to those characteristics and personality.

We are not trying to be “a horse-training factory.” We give a personalized treatment, focusing our task on achieving a harmonious and satisfactory relationship with the horse.

I ride a maximum of 8 horses a day, in order to ensure the quality of our service.

There is a saying:  «It only goes faster, but not further» 

That is why a competent group of professionals collaborate with me – veterinarian, trainer, farrier / trimmer, chiropractor, equine dentist … – so that the training and health of your horse are perfectly supervised.

Entrenamiento de caballos y jinetes Rafael Ballester

More information of interest:

  • I consider myself a student of horsemanship, I never stop training, both theoretically: with books, courses, seminars, etc; as in a practical way: trying to hear and feel my horses every time I ride them. In addition to trying to meet often with different coaches to have other points of view.
  • I train the horses from the break to the Grand Prix.
  • I have had many successes in competitions, repeatedly scoring above 80% with different horses.
  • In addition, I am also a dressage judge.
  • Riding technician of all Olympic disciplines.
  • Gallop examiner of all Olympic Disciplines, Trec and Doma Vaquera.