• Name: Alejandro el magno
  • Breed: Pura Raza Español (PRE)
  • Age: Born in September 2017
  • Height: about 1,53 cm.
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Color: Grey
  • Personality: He is the perfect blend of strength and composure. He is very playful. He is very friendly and trusting with people, he allows himself to be petted and enjoys being petted.
    Alejandro is an open, curious, brave and attentive horse.
  • Level: He is beginning to learn the lateral exercises (leg turn, backward, etc.) and has already mastered the transitions from walk to canter and from canter to walk; he is also familiar with the Spanish walk. He is always motivated and eager to learn.
  • Origins: Hum Aran x Educado XXIII